Frothlogic is a Los Angeles-based software development agency.

We specialize in high-performance application development and dev ops.

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Application Development

We perform a variety of application development services. We are a full-stack firm, building nearly all forms of backend and frontend products for our clients.

On the backend, we primarily specialize in Ruby on Rails, but have turned to Go on a few projects when high performance was critical.

On the frontend, we prefer iOS for native mobile applications. For web projects, we've probably worked with every stack under the sun. Lately, we've been doing a good bit of React, though we have lots of experience with Backbone and home-rolled JS.

Recent Work

Dev Ops

Dev ops is becoming more and more important, but often difficult to hire for fast-growing companies.

We primarily specialize in the AWS stack. We've done a lot of work with AWS Opsworks and ElasticBeanstalk for application deployment and infrastructure management.

Lately, we've helped a client build out a new Rails stack on Opsworks, and build out a Go stack using ElasticBeanstalk. We've also done a few migrations off of Heroku and onto AWS.

For devops, we've developed a couple of fixed price packages for building out application infrastructure and migrating off of Heroku.

Recent Work

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